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Weird Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

  • 4 July 2018
  • Pet Wants

As a cat parent, you know from firsthand experience just how entertaining they can be. While it is true that cats enjoy some independence, they’re also very interactive and can be full of fun. One way cats express themselves is through sound—and while they don’t use words, cats can make themselves understood.

  1. Chattering

It’s common for cats to chatter when they’re looking out the window at squirrels or other critters. Chattering expresses both excitement and frustration, the latter of which stems from a cat being unable to chase what they’re seeing outside.

  1. Hissing

Hissing can range from quite soft to extremely loud. Depending on the context, the warning hiss can be intended for another cat or a human. It’s worth noting that even the sweetest cats hiss when they feel threatened.

  1. Purring

The opposite of hissing is purring. Purring is associated with a cat showing affection. Cats can also purr when they want to play. And even though it’s not as common, purring can be a sign of a cat feeling fear or stress and is trying to calm itself.

  1. Yowling

Although many cat sounds are cute or funny, this isn’t one of them. When a cat yowls, it can wake you up from a deep sleep. The good news is this unpleasant sound isn’t something that cats make by mistake–it’s a clear sign that they are in heat.

  1. Trilling

A trill is a mix between meowing and purring. While not every cat makes the trill sound, owners with cats who do report that it often occurs in situations where a cat is a little annoyed but overall happy about what’s happening.

  1. Bipping

This sound can also resemble an “eek.” When a cat makes this noise, it generally wants attention. It may also be that your cat wants his bowl filled with fresh water or delicious cat food.