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5 Ways to Help Shelter Animals if You Can’t Adopt

  • 4 September 2018
  • malmgren


Have you ever wondered how you can help animals in need at your local  shelter ? Whether you already have as many pets as you can handle or simply aren’t in a place that will allow you to take on the care of bringing a pet home to live with you, there are still ways you can help. If you have a great love for animals and are interested in helping pets in need, we have five great ideas!   

  1. Volunteer

Almost all shelters depend exclusively on volunteers to run their daily operations. For as little as a few hours a month, you can really make a difference at a local shelter. There are different jobs needed at each shelter.  From washing the bedding, to walking dogs, or answering phones, they will be happy to receive your time.

2. Drive

Did you know that today, hundreds of dogs are being driven from shelters around the United States to local rescue organizations? Many of these pets come from rural areas.  Rescue organizations need drivers who can pick up these animals and shuttle them to their rescue.  By volunteering to be a driver, you will be giving animals their own personal freedom ride:)

3. Foster

Maybe you can help temporarily? Fostering an animal allows space to open up in the rescue for another animal to be saved and it helps animals socialize in a home setting. Just about every organization is in need of foster families for dogs or cats.  Just look up all the local rescues in your area and give them a call.  It is one of the most helpful things you can do for a pet in need.

4. Donate

If you are a super busy person and can’t be stretched for time any more, you can still help animals at your local shelter by donating money, or resources that will help them.  You can call the specific shelter and ask where their needs are not being met.

5. Offer Your Talents

Are you a designer, great seamstress, or really skilled in marketing?  Whatever your talent is, you can offer your services as a way to help your local animal shelter.  It’s a great feeling and a unique way to assist.

So, whether you volunteer, drive, foster, donate, or offer your specialty skills to a local shelter, you can help save the lives of amazing animals in your community that are in need. If you’re considering helping, please check out The Coastal Humane Society which is an amazing organization that Pet Wants Freeport supports. Thank you!